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Wedding Photography Questions Answered

There are articles and stories and lists and more lists of generic questions to ask your wedding photographer – but what about what they don’t WANT to tell you? This wedding photographer and blogger tells all about what wedding photographers want to tell you, but can’t.

Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography provided a guest post on the Offbeat Bride blog about 12 Things Wedding Photographers Want To Tell You, But Can’t. It’s refreshing to hear the inside scoop, so here’s a snippet from the post, which you can find here.

A few things we all want to know:

Why is wedding photography so freakin’ expensive?
Wedding photography seems like easy money – work for one day and rake in the cash, right? But most full-time wedding photographers I know carry over $15,000 worth of wedding gear and often work 60-hour weeks. It takes several days to edit the thousand of images, plus add insurance, taxes, software, advertising, albums, repair, shipping and studio expenses and many photographers end up making less than minimum wage for the first few years of their career.

Do I really need a second photographer?
No one needs a second photographer, but they can provide you with more images and a different perspective. Many of the top photographers only work with assistants who carry gear and help with professional lighting. The best thing is to ask your wedding photographer to see how they prefer to work. You can get good results either way.

Should I tip my photographer?
I get asked this a lot. There was a great article about tipping on Offbeat Bride. For photographers, “Tips are never expected but are always appreciated.”

What question do want the real answer to in your wedding planning process?

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