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Our Take On Cakes: Wedding Trends 2013

Choosing the perfect cake can be a daunting task. And while Pinterest is great for researching, it can be a bit overwhelming with so many beautiful cakes from which to choose. Wedding cake trends tend to follow fashion, so check out the gallery of images below because what you enjoy wearing just might be something you’ll enjoy eating, too!


Lace has and always will be a wedding staple but when used on a cake, it can turn simple white into a delicate, feminine and an overall sweet cake, inside and out.

Wedding experts agree mint is the color for 2013. But the color doesn’t have to be relegated to bridesmaids dresses and flowers; using this pale shade of jade green on your cake will truly give you a one-of-a-kind look. And you can take this a step further and incorporate the flavor of mint into the cake (i.e. chocolate mint, peppermint vanilla).

A cake for two lovebirds! Birds have been making their way into weddings recently in subtle ways – feathers in the hair and birdcages used for floral décor. But now they’re flying onto wedding cakes. The bird theme can be used minimally or literally (as pictured in gallery).

Hand Painted
Another emerging wedding cake trend that requires a higher-than-average skills set is a hand-painted cake. These amazing creations are almost too beautiful to eat and can be completely customized to your style and wedding colors.

This dark-to-light color scheme has been popular on the runways for years. Incorporating this monochromatic rainbow look to your wedding cake can be a fun and unique way to build off your wedding color palate.

Now you tell us, which of these trends do you love most? Would you use any of them for your wedding?

Mint to be? The color of the season makes for an exceptional cake. Thumb Fly high with the bird! Thumb Taking a cue from fashion, this ombre cake is delicate and dainty. Thumb Beautiful lace detail shown in a modern and traditional way. Thumb Edibile art! Thumb
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