Real Resort Weddings

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Three blushing brides, three handsome grooms and three decidedly different weddings. Take a peek inside these real Woodlands Resort weddings.


Kristin & Cody










Frances & Ryan










Mary & Matthew












Bachelor Parties: Avoid ‘The Hangover’

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With the average age of the groom rising from 24 to almost 29, guys are redefining the bachelor party from booze and babes to brunch and bros.  Think The Woodlands is too tame for your best bud’s bachelor party? Think again.


With our close proximity to Houston, your group can get in a round of golf before pre-dinner cocktails.  Play one or both courses!


When the groom has worked up an appetite, leave the car keys behind and take our complimentary shuttle to Town Center.


What’s more manly than a juicy steak for dinner? From Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse to Kirby’s and Perry’s, reserve a table for a refined dining experience.  Order a fine red wine or an aged bourbon on the rocks.  All of these upscale establishments have private rooms if a playful roast of the groom is on the agenda.


After dinner, head over to one of the many bars and pubs in The Woodlands including The Exchange located next to Hubbell & Hudson.  The Exchange is the only bar in Texas to have fluctuating beer prices based on demand.  Just follow the ticker to find out the price of your favorite beer.  And when it’s time for a round of shots, push the server call button – there’s one on each table.  


The Goose’s Acre Irish Pub, Baker St. Pub, Bar Louie and Stadia Sports Grill are other options for post-dinner revelry.


When you’re ready to call it a night, drop into a plush resort bed with plenty of room to stretch out.  You’ll thank us in the morning when you’re not waking up on your best friend’s couch with an aching head and back.


The next morning, gather the guys around the over-sized community table in The Woodlands Dining Room for a round of Bloody Mary’s.  Our breakfast buffet has endless food and plenty of options to feed a football team.


With the bachelor party “bail” money still in hand, treat the groom to a hot lather shave at The Boardroom.  A light facial massage, steamed towel and after-shave treatment will leave him looking his best to face the future Mrs. after a night out with the guys.

Bar Louie Thumb The Boardroom Salon For Men Thumb Golf at The Woodlands Resort Thumb Goose's Acre Thumb

Beauty Advice From Brides

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Who better to give wedding day beauty advice than those gorgeous gals who have successfully made it from the wedding altar to the reception. These 16 real brides share their tips for a flawless wedding day.

No alcohol the night before. "Stay away from carbs for a while, not just the day of or the night before the wedding. Don't drink alcohol in excess the night before - you will regret the bloating and sleepy eyes. Also, if you want a bronzed look, get a base tan before spray tanning. Spray tanning on pale skin can look orange and streaky."
-Amber Farris, Human Resources Recruiter, Houston, TX

15 Wise Bridal Beauty Tips From Past Brides

Stash baby wipes in the bathroom to freshen up. "I was literally dripping sweat down my back I was dancing so much! I was having fun, but it's not so elegant when someone goes to give you a hug. I used baby wipes to freshen up. They're also great for getting out stains in a pinch without leaving a big ring like water can."
-Vanessa O'Malley, full-time mom, Summit, NJ

Dirty hair is the secret to a long-wearing updo. "I have super fine hair that doesn't like to stay in an updo. I didn't wash my hair for four days before the wedding so it was slightly greasy. This gave my hair some grip and it stayed in place all night!"
-Alyssa Dineen, fashion stylist, New York, NY

Do a trial run, even if you don't hire a pro. "Prior to my wedding, I had a friend create a smoky-eye look on me. In my opinion it looked too dark, but after wearing it for a while, I got used to it and it really looked nice! If I hadn't had a run-through, I would have been freaking out on my wedding day! After seeing my wedding day pictures, I was really glad to have gone with that look."
-Tammy Gibson, author of A Mom in Red High Heels, Redlands, CA

Don't stray too far from the real you. "Experiment with different hairstyles, but then choose the one you are most comfortable with, the one that is most you. You don't want to look back at photos of the special day and wonder "who is that?"
-Kim Van Dang, branding consultant and founder of KVD NYC, New York, NY

Reduce pre-wedding jitters with a personal spa ritual. "Make sure to pick one beauty regimen that is personal to you, like taking a nice and relaxing bath,"
-Marta Walsh, editor,, Scottsdale, AZ

Splurge on a makeup pro. "I kept my hair very simple and did a simple chignon myself since it was going to be hidden by the veil anyway. I invested more time and energy into my makeup look. I did a trial run with a professional makeup artist keeping in mind how it would look in wedding pictures. To this day, I've never looked better in photos makeup wise, and I still use the tricks the makeup artist taught me."
-Stephanie Smirnov, President, DeVries Public Relations, New York, NY

Make sure your touch-up kit has all the right colors. "I didn't own the makeup shades my makeup artist used, so she gave me the lipstick, lip gloss and eyeshadow. Not all makeup artists do this, so make sure to ask yours. You don't want to realize later on during your wedding that you don't have the right stuff for touch ups."
-Karen Bierman Hirsh, full time mom, Greenwich, CT

Don't O.D. on blush. "My makeup artist didn't use a lot of blush for my wedding look because she said my cheeks would be flushed all night and then I'd be too red in person and pictures. And she was totally right! My make up looked gorgeous all night!"
-Alix Campbell, Photography Director, Marie Claire Magazine, New York, NY

Go for waterproof mascara. "I made a huge mistake at my own wedding. I wept like a baby and had black track marks in some of my pictures (before my sisters pulled me into the bathroom for some damage control). I love Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Custom Volume Mascara because it makes lashes look super-lush, and comes off easily with eye makeup remover."
-Tia Williams, author and beauty blogger, Shake Your Beauty, Brooklyn, NY

Not a fan of waterproof mascara? "I used a lengthening and curling mascara first to help build my lashes, and then added an additional coating of waterproof mascara at the very ends, which also helps hold the curl in lashes."
-Bailey Clark, writer, Makeover Momma, Staunton, VA

Don't rush to remove your veil. "If you decide to wear a veil on your wedding day, wear it for the entire day - from your walk down the aisle until the end of the reception. A veil is that one element that transforms you from a woman in a white dress into a bride. Looking back at my wedding photos, I wish I hadn't been in such a rush to take off my veil and show off my hair. I much prefer the photos of me wearing the veil; they have a much more romantic quality."
-Daneen Baird, writer & editor of Spoiled Pretty, Philadelphia, PA

Get your brows groomed by a professional. "I did my own make up and had my hair styled in a simple french twist, but what really made me look polished was a professional eye brow shaping. I had my brows done a few days before the wedding so they wouldn't look red or bumpy on the big day. It made such a difference in photos to have perfect brows!"
-Jennifer Cattier, corporate lawyer, New York, NY

Avoid bold nail polish. "Your hands will be on stage for the entire day---signing the certificate, showing off your rings, shaking hands---you'll want them looking pretty and feminine. I made a huge mistake on my wedding day by painting my nails BURGUNDY and now I cringe every time I look at my wedding pictures. My hands jump out and scream "bad trend!" in every photo. Do yourself a favor and choose a pretty pale pink or nude for your wedding day manicure."
-Erika Valente, editor of Makeup Bag, Reno, NV

Reduce your sodium intake. "A few weeks before my wedding, I cut out salt from my diet. In just a few days, the eye puffiness was gone and I could see a big difference in the contours of my face."
-Mina Pontarelli, Team, New York, NY

Layer your makeup for ultimate wearing power. "Alternate lipstick with pressed powder, keep face makeup in place with makeup primers, line fillers, and setting powder -- these all help to ensure your makeup lasts for as long as you want it to!"
-Christine Mielke, editor, Temptalia, San Jose, CA

(original content from

The DIY Bride

The DIY Bride Blog Entry Image

BY: Judy Patterson, Senior Catering Manager

Pinterest, wedding blogs, smart phone apps, etsy ... the list goes on and on. Brides today are finding that inspiration, “how to’s” and resources are just a click away. You want your wedding to be a reflection of you (and the groom, of course!), but where do you start?

One of the biggest mistakes I see many brides make is to do too much or take on too many projects. With so many great ideas out there, it is very easy to become overwhelmed. Be realistic with how much time you have to devote to hand crafting items for your ceremony and reception. If it becomes a chore or is creating stress, take a step back and reevaluate. Maybe creating 300 handmade favors for every guest wasn't the best idea after all! Instead, select one idea or craft project and incorporate it into your wedding day.

If you do decide to get crafty, here are a few DIY ideas we've seen at The Woodlands Resort.

Blend handcrafted items along with fresh flowers from your florist. It's a great compromise that can save you money while adding that personal touch to your décor.


























Place Cards












Place Cards












Place Card












Have guests sign wine bottles or use a pre-made scrapbook instead of traditional guest books













Guest Book
























A unique alternative to the flower bouquet, use brooches and other family heirlooms to create a stunning masterpiece.






















































































With some planning and a reality check (or two) along the way, you can add that special handcrafted touch to your very special day!

Want to know more? Drop Judy a line at

Wedding Desserts Take The Cake

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We're happy to see some wedding trends stick around like the popular dessert table. In addition to a traditional wedding cake, beguile guests of all ages with these five tasty treats.

Cake Pops – these delicacies can be decorated to match the color and theme of any wedding. Plus, they can be made in a variety of decadent flavors such as Italian Cream, Red Velvet and Dark Chocolate Ganache.

Whoopie Pies – another great way to show off your wedding colors is with moist cakey rounds with fluffy cream centers. These whoopie pies look and taste classically elegant.

Shot-Glass Desserts – these charming desserts are a sweet finish to any gathering. Try this cheesecake shot-glass dessert recipe at home.

Shaved Ice – this childhood treat grows up. Try infused snow cones in flavors like blood orange, coconut rum, watermelon mint and cherry vodka.

Cookie Station – personalize your wedding day by sharing Grandma’s favorite oatmeal cookie recipe or mom’s homemade melt-in-your-mouth pralines.

Dream it. Plan it. Taste it. No matter how you style and stock your dessert table, it's sure to be a sweet success.

Shot-Glass Dessert Thumb Cake Pops Thumb Shot-Glass Dessert Thumb Shaved Ice Thumb

A Wedding Story

A Wedding Story Blog Entry Image

For more than 10 years, Judy Patterson has been assisting excited brides-to-be plan their dream wedding day down to the finest detail. We caught up with Judy to find out which wedding traditions today’s brides are keeping and what trends are out.

What are the color trends you’re seeing this year?
Most of my brides are going back to softer, natural and more neutral colors. They are choosing moss green, ivory and cream colors that compliment the resort’s forested surroundings.

Where are brides drawing their inspiration?
Pinterest is huge! Every single one of my brides has a wedding board on Pinterest. It’s actually a great way for them to share their vision and ideas with me. I can get a good idea of the dream wedding they envision and help make it a reality.

How have you seen wedding receptions evolve?
Brides are still incorporating traditions such as the first dance and father-daughter dance, but I’ve definitely seen couples move away from the garter and bouquet toss.

Also, rather than a long head table reserved for the bridal party, we’re seeing large, round tables for the bride and groom to share with their parents and grandparents.

Are groom’s cakes still popular?
About 50% of the weddings I’ve planned have groom’s cakes. The majority of those cakes are themed around interests and hobbies of the groom. I see a lot of golf-themed and alma mater groom’s cakes. In Texas, that means a lot of maroon and burnt orange colors.

We all remember the red-velvet armadillo groom’s cake in the movie Steel Magnolias … what other unforgettable groom’s cakes have you seen?

Everything from a 3D replica of the groom’s dog to a fishing tackle box and even a Star Wars spaceship. Our pastry chef is a genius when it comes to groom’s cakes. If you can dream it, he can build it!

What’s the most creative, unique idea you’ve seen at a wedding?
Brides are really incorporating heirloom and vintage touches through centerpieces and accessories. Recently, a bride had her mother and mother-in-law’s wedding dresses on display in the reception foyer. Photos of the moms on their wedding day were placed next to the couple’s engagement picture. It certainly added a nostalgic and romantic touch to her own wedding day.

Photo Credit: Candid Stories Photography

Judy Patterson, Senior Catering Manager Thumb Melody & Tristin - Candid Stories Photography Thumb Amber & Brody - Candid Stories Photography Thumb Acsa & Aaron - Candid Stories Photography Thumb

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