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Cabin Fever

It's wet in Texas. And while we're not complaining about all this rain, your kids might be suffering from a case of cabin fever. Try these indoor games and activities to turn those frowns upside down.

Bowling - gather up ten empty water bottles from the recycling bin and fill them with water to add a little weight.  Arrange the water bottle bowling pins in a hallway and grab a basketball or soccerball.  Keeping score will help your kids work on math skills while having fun.

Face Painting - a bit of cornstarch, food coloring, face cream and water is all you need to create your own face paint.  Not to worry ... a little soap and water is all it takes to remove the flower from your cheek.

Explosion of Colors (and laughter) - not sure what happens when you mix food coloring, vinegar, and baking soda? Visit our Pinterest page here to find out.

Papier Mache - make fun masks using newspaper, balloon, and glue (or water and flour).  You'll want to plan ahead for drying time.  Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Edible Tinkertoys - build a race car, house or favorite animal with marshmallows and thin pretzel sticks. Simply skewer the marshmallows with the pretzel sticks to create an edible masterpiece.

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