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Bridal Style: Can You Spot What’s Hot?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but style – while a personal choice – is still in the eye of the designer. Take a look at our image galley of wedding gowns and see if you can spot what’s trending in bridal style today.

Don’t cheat – have you looked at the photos below? Of the six images, one dress does NOT represent wedding style today. Did you notice which one?

The wedding dress trends to keep an eye on are short-skirted dresses, dramatic backs, appliqués, peplums and capes and wraps.

Short Skirts
As weddings become a bit less formal and take place in exotic locales, brides are looking for perfectly styled, yet practically minded dresses to say their “I dos.” Short skirts and dresses meet this need and designers have taken note with some standout options for brides.

Backs In Style
Why not focus on your back when that’s what most of your guests will be looking at during your ceremony? There are some heavenly designs to showcase the best of your (upper) backside that feature sheer panels, gorgeous draping, intricate lace detail and more.

Applying Appliqués
Designers are adorning dresses with appliqué pieces to enhance certain areas of the dress or just to modify the style of the dress. Just don’t over apply!

Peppy With Peplums
Giving your dress more movement and motion, a peplum is an on-trend design feature fit for the runway and the isle. You can dress it up or keep it simple, either way you’ll be turning heads.

Capes and Wrapes
While the thought of a cape brings to mind superheroes, the designer ones for bridal style are dainty and delightful. The cape and/or a wrap is a perfect way to have that designer look even in cooler climates.

Cake Topper
This would be in the what’s not so hot section. A dress that looks like it belongs on the top of a cake in the 80s is not quite the image most brides want to exude. Experts say to make sure you’re wearing the dress instead of the dress wearing you!

What’s your bridal style?

The Peplum Thumb Capes and Wraps Thumb Dramatic Backs Thumb Short Skirts Thumb The Cake Topper Thumb Appliques Thumb
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