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Ask and You Shall Receive!

We’ve been overwhelmed this week with people from coast to coast who heard of our guest service experience involving red M&Ms and bacon – we have loved hearing from all of you and glad you’re finding humor and joy in our commitment to exceed guest expectations!

If you’re just catching up on this viral sensation, here’s the dish: New Braunfels resident Dustin Wray was our guest last weekend. When he made his hotel reservation a month prior, he thought it would be funny to type in a hilariously ridiculous request in the special comments section. It went something like this:

“Three red M&Ms on the counter. Not packages, just three single M&Ms. One for me, one for my girlfriend and one to split if we get hungry late at night. And a picture of bacon set on the bed. I love pictures of bacon.”

As he and his girlfriend entered their guestroom he was confused about the red chocolates sitting on the desk. However, when he saw the nicely framed photo of bacon placed on the bed, it all clicked and they spent the rest of the weekend laughing about it. Following their stay, Mr. Wray posted photos and a description of what happened on Reddit and Imgur and it all went up, up and away from there.

Like we said…ask and you shall receive! We are in the guest services business after all, and if that means doing something atypical to bring a guest some joy…heck, we’ll play!

We are so proud of our guest services team for making this one-of-a-kind request happen. Front Desk staffers Kyle Devery and Bastian Gabriel are the faces behind this international Internet buzz – together they reviewed the special comment, headed to the kitchen, snapped a photo of the freshly sizzled bacon, located a frame on Kyle’s desk, grabbed three red M&Ms from the kitchen and decked out the room according to Mr. Wray’s direction prior to their arrival.

We’re quite certain this story will have some people plotting an unusual special comment for their next hotel reservation -- and if that next stay happens to be with us, just be careful what you ask for. Chances are it might happen.*

* This is NOT a dare!! Let’s not go crazy people cheeky

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