The Woodlands Resort to Open Lazy River July 18 Article Image

The Woodlands Resort to Open Lazy River July 18

Featured Article – Jul 14, 2014

We are extremely excited to announce we will officially be opening our lazy river on Friday, July 18.

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The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center named one of the South’s Top Business Class Meeting Resorts

The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center named one of the South’s Top Business Class Meeting Resorts Blog Entry Image

The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center has been named one of the South’s Top Business Class Meeting Resorts by the editors of ConventionSouth magazine.

ConventionSouth editors named the resort to the list based on the properties’ abilities to host high-level meetings. Selections were based on nominations from readers and fans of ConventionSouth and were judged by the editors based on specific criteria for their category.

“It’s an honor for The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center to be recognized by ConventionSouth for our world-class meetings and event experience,” said Greg Parsons, General Manager and Vice President of Hospitality at the Woodlands Resort & Conference Center. “Meeting planners like that they can provide a setting that has it all – incredible conference facilities, spectacular golfing, resort amenities and immaculate accommodations. We will have even more to offer once our $60-million expansion and renovation of the property is complete, including a new guest room wing, a lazy river and a high-end Texas steakhouse restaurant.”

The Woodlands Resort named Best Place for a Woodlands Wedding

The Woodlands Resort named Best Place for a Woodlands Wedding Blog Entry Image

The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center has been named "Best Place for a Woodlands Wedding" in the Woodlands Online 2014 Best of the Woodlands contest.

Voting for Best of The Woodlands took place throughout February and allowed members to vote for their favorite local businesses and organizations in a large number of categories.

"Best of The Woodlands is the perfect way for those who live, work and socialize in this beautiful community show the businesses and organizations they care," Jessica Fraser, CEO of Digital Texas, said. "In it's fifth year, Best of The Woodlands is a special and unique way to say thank you to all the businesses in our area."

The Woodlands Resort Offers an Affordable Spring Break Full of Fun

The Woodlands Resort Offers an Affordable Spring Break Full of Fun Blog Entry Image

Get away and soak in the fun at The Woodlands Resort this Spring Break with affordable rates starting at $159. Rated as a Top 10 Pool Destination for Families in North America, the resort’s Forest Oasis Waterscape™ provides the perfect setting for family-friendly fun.

Adults and kids of all ages will enjoy our lagoon-style pool, a two-story waterslide tower, flowing waterfalls and Puffy’s Sprayground™, a synchronized water experience with waterspouts and fountains.  Weekend activities include face painting, karaoke, balloon artistry and magic. Once the sun has set, enjoy a dive-in movie under the stars.

In addition to all of the poolside fun, Spring Breakers can delight in a variety of our other recreational activities. The resort is the only Houston-area property with two on-property golf courses, Panther Trail™ and The Oaks.  Both incorporate all the ingredients for exceptional golf with deep woods, glistening waters, exceptional fairways and pristine greens. The tree-lined fairways and challenging elevations allow golfers of all skill levels to test their talent and grow their game. For tennis lovers, our resort features a first-rate tennis center with 21 first-rate clay and hard court playing surfaces.

A full-service spa, nearby hike-and-bike trails and great shopping and entertainment in The Woodlands Town Center round out a Spring Break experience for all members of the family. To view the our Spring Break activity guide, visit

For reservations and information, visit or call 866-361-5674. The Woodlands Resort is located 30 minutes north of Houston, easily accessible from I-45, at 2301 North Millbend Drive.

Face-to-Face Meetings Can Prevent Revenue Loss

Face-to-Face Meetings Can Prevent Revenue Loss Blog Entry Image

In the age of webinars and video conferencing, face-to-face meetings are happening less frequently. However, data indicates that the loss of those meetings may result in the loss of income.

According to the report released by IHG®, “Business Meetings in a Modern World,” nearly half of businessmen surveyed believe they had lost a contract or client simply because they didn't have enough face-to-face meetings, resulting in the estimated yearly revenue loss of 24%.

Face-to-Face meetings allow participants the chance to develop transparency in ways that are simply not possible in other forms of communication. Lower costs and greater reliability have made teleconferences, video conferences and webinars more universal options for meetings. Still, businessmen expressed an overwhelming preference for face-to-face meetings, with 81% saying they are better for building long-term trust and ensuring strong client relationships.

Travel games to keep you entertained on a road trip

Travel games to keep you entertained on a road trip Blog Entry Image

“Are we there yet?” is a question all road warriors have endured at some point.  While entertainment gadgets can help fill some of the travel void, it is inevitable that boredom will raise its weary head. That's why we've compiled a list of road trip games that require only your passengers’ minds and the open road. There’s something for every age.

I Spy
One person chooses something they see either inside or outside of the vehicle. They then give one clue that starts, “ I spy with my little eye something that is_________.” The clue for the spotted object can be a color or first letter of the object. Keep in mind the object you choose should be something that can remain in eyesight while the other passengers are guessing. 

The Alphabet Game
The alphabet game consists of trying to find letters on various highway signs, license plates, billboards, etc., which you can locate outside of the car. The first person to find all the letters in the alphabet wins. 

Guess the Rhyme
Think of a two-word rhyming phrase, such as "fat rat." Then give a two word clue in which each word is a synonym of the words in the rhyming phrase. In this instance you might give the clue of, “overweight rodent.” The first person to guess the correct rhyming phrase wins.

Going on Vacation
This is an add-on memory game. The first person starts the game by saying, “I’m going on vacation,” and then adds something they want to pack. For instance,  “I’m going on vacation and I’m going to pack a toothbrush.” The next person adds on their item by saying, “I’m going on vacation and I am going to pack a toothbrush and a bathing suit.”  Passengers keep adding on items that they would pack, until someone forgets an item. Then that person is out. The rest of the players continue the game until there is a winner.

20 Questions
One person thinks of an animal, vegetable or mineral. The other passengers then try to guess the object by asking twenty questions or less. The first question asked is always, "Animal, vegetable or mineral?" After that the passengers take turns asking questions that will help them guess the answer, noting that the answer to the questions can only be “yes,” or “no.”

Start by choosing a geography topic such as cities or states. The first player names a city, and the next player has to name another city that starts with the last letter of the previous player's city. For example, if the first player names “The Woodlands,” the next person would have to name a city that starts with the letter, “S,” such as “San Antonio.”

Tips for unplugging while on vacation

Tips for unplugging while on vacation Blog Entry Image

You’re going on vacation with the best intentions to go off the grid. You’ve promised yourself that you’ll only use your digital devices when absolutely necessary. But sometimes when our electronic devices have replaced so many of our former vacation convenience items (watch, guide books, camera, etc.) it’s not so easy. So why not truly unplug with a few of these tips?

• Depart with a full battery, but leave all of your chargers at home.  You’ll be more apt to be conservative in its use if you know the battery may run out.

• Delete the app you are most tempted to use or check in with from your phone and reinstall it when you return.

• Bring a camera. Having a separate camera will make you less apt to spend time uploading your photos to social sites, check emails, or surf the web.

• Bring a book. If it’s an electronic reader, see the bullet above – you may want to bring a paperback.

• If traveling in a group, create an “off the grid” box that everyone deposits their devices in as an agreement that it will be an electronics-free vacation.

• Wear a watch. Or better yet, don’t. The point of vacation is to unwind. 

• Plan ahead. In this new generation we’ve become accustom to being available for our bosses, clients, colleagues and others 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  When you make a point of giving plenty of advanced notice to everyone that you are going on vacation and plan to be off the grid, you’ve now created a fair expectation that you won’t be available. You’ll be surprised how many of them will encourage you to enjoy your time sans digital device.

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